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Venture off
the beaten path.

Let's forge a new path together.

Are you longing more than anything to truly connect with God, but finding instead that you feel stuck— your heart disengaged from Him? 


I get it! I love helping people get out of dry, desolate places and religious ruts. Hop on and let’s get off the beaten path. The most breathtaking adventures await you. Let’s go!

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The Word Way

You have a Creator who

desires deeper intimacy with you!
The absolute best way to connect with Him

is through the Word.

In the Word. The Word Way.

There are no short cuts.

The Word is ALIVE.

If that’s not been your experience,
then this book is for you.

I wrote it with you in mind.
An invitation awaits….

Meet The Author

Meet The Author

Hi! I'm Ginger -

                                             spicy, curious, adventurous… and free — free of guilt, shame, and the burden of questioning whether I am enough. I genuinely love connecting people to God, helping them encounter and experience Him intimately. I value authenticity, and part of my calling is to challenge religious mindsets of people and remind them of their beloved identity. In short, I help people get unstuck.  
I love Jesus more than anything or anybody in this world. He has always been there for me, even when I couldn't see Him. And He always knows exactly who and what I need in my life before I ever do. My awesome husband Steve is God’s best-ever surprise gift to me, along with the two gorgeous red-headed daughters and son-in-law I inherited. Steve and I are both passionate about healthy marriages and living with nothing hidden, as well as trying to beat our grandchildren in a game of checkers or Monopoly Deal, an increasingly difficult challenge! 
Most days, you'll find me riding my scooter or paddling my kayak near our home on Lake Sara in Illinois, where I have found my writing haven.  
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What People Have To Say

I have participated in several of Ginger’s challenges to pick up the Bible, read it and let it come alive in my life. Her love for the Word of God is so inspiring and contagious! She has a unique way of encouraging me to dig into the Word and let the Spirit speak to me personally and then take that revelation and apply it to my life. She is so authentic and is definitely qualified to share with others because she lives by example and walks out what she is asking others to do – to find a love of the Word of God for themselves and to develop a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus! Applying her techniques as I approach the Word has changed my life and my connection with the Father!

Connie | Arthur, IL

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