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If you are tired of playing church and feel like God speaks to everyone else but you, know this: You are wired for more!


The Creator of the Cosmos invites you to call Him Papa and longs to intimately connect with you. There's no better place to encounter Him than in the Word. 


The Word Way is an invitation to quit riding on other people's coattails and instead, go after God's revelation for yourself with Holy Spirit guiding you along the ride. You'll be given some practical yet fun adventure tools to practice and to equip you for connection with Papa - off the beaten path.


You're invited to do more than simply dipping your toes in the water. It's time to jump all-in on a 40-Day Challenge to encounter God. Will you let Him rock your theology and give you the ride of your life? You'll be so glad you did. 

The Word Way by Ginger Cash Etcheson - Signed Copy

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